LX ers came from far and wide to Exeter School through stormy weathers to reach the relatively light drizzle and still air that the south west offered!

Graham ‘Smoggy’ Small captained the red shirted LXers whose team was drawn from across 3 decades of the membership to face a regular ‘Gafters’ team from Devon and Cornwall, also peppered with LXers!

Pre-match Covid protocols having been observed, the game commenced in lively fashion with chances to score at both ends. Initially LX struggled a little to find a rhythm and Nigel Guppy had plenty to do marshalling the defence. As the quarter progressed, LX started to develop patterns of play that shifted the balance of the game. The first quarter was brought to a halt after 12 minutes but restarted after the error had been realised. The ebb and flow of the game continued but the match remained goalless at half time.

At the beginning of the third quarter, with a concerted effort by LX to push forward; Smoggy and Vince Smith went very close.  Driving runs from Gatfers Wiseman, Bland and Hemming were countered by excellent defence from Henrik Kjellin, Gavin Stones, and an the ever youthful, Colin Pinks. John Smith, enjoying his first team outing for LX in a couple of years worked tirelessly as did gadget arms John Tripp and Mike Leatt to regain control of midfield. Forays forward through Neeve and Flanagan along the flanks posed a threat but the killer blow came through the middle as Smith J put the ball through to Leatt driving hard into the D to pull it inside to David Bain who made no mistake launching the ball into the net from midway between the P spot and the top of the D.

After that, Gatfers put on their afterburners, flashed the ball across the D several times and forced a couple of PCs. Mackie and Watson pushed forward for Gatfers but Colin Kimber was imperious in goal and Guppy continued to snuff out the danger around the D, whilst Smoggy, Bain and Smith V kept the opposition honest in defence. The game was masterfully controlled by Bill Goodridge and Peter Whitby throughout and the whole event, including Covid friendly refreshment, was orchestrated by the wizard of match management, Mike Harris.  Many thanks to all who made it happen.

Report: Mike Leatt