held at the Old Loughtonians HC on Tuesday 31st March 2015


 On a bright but rather blustery day a good afternoon’s hockey was arranged for about 30 LX ers and a few guests from the OL’s. There were also some WAGS present, Sue Surridge and Sandra Howlett and injured Rod Cochrane swelled the crowd to three. The format was three evenly matched teams playing each other in 30 minute games.

To achieve the evenness of the sides the Match ‘Manager’ drew on the talents of well known players and selectors Mike Surridge and Gerald Wilkinson. So good were they at providing teams of equal abilities that only one goal was scored all afternoon! However what a goal, benefiting from a poor defence clearance the ball was struck just wide of the left post where evergreen Brian Woolcott guided it into the goal, certainly goal of the day and a story for Brian to share with his England 75+ teammates.

After all that excitement players and officials retired to the Clubhouse for beer and food and LX Hon Chairman Imtiaz Sheikh said some nice things about the OL’s grounds and facilities and also stressed that players should support these interclub games. Thank you all for attending.

Match Manager Mick O’Malley

Team A
Kim Hansen (Captain), Mike Surridge, Chris Parker, Gerald Wilkinson, Barrie Whelpton, Mick O’Malley, Alan Wade, Andrew Hodge, David Wright, Cliff Peck, Philip Hutley and Ian Knox

Team B
Roger Girling (Captain), Brian Woolcott, Imtiaz Sheikh, John Stone, Nigel Spencer-Knott, David Young, Dave Dixon, Peter Gurr, Nigel Strofton and John Ingram-Marriott., Mike Sprange

Team C
Trevor Denison (Captain), Mike Gale, Sudesh Nayar, Terry Howlett, Henrik Kjellin, John Grinham, Chris Perry, Gilbert Grace, David Gill, Mike Cocks and GK.