LX Midweek Game at Clifton College, Bristol

Wednesday 14th April 2010.

In efforts to encourage mid-week games across the country Mike Harris arranged a encounter at Clifton College Bristol.

The West Country has been enjoying some very warm Spring weather but not on the day. The old saying of never shed a clout until the May is out rang true cold and dull. In keeping with spring thoughts the 2 teams lined up as Spring Chickens in Red and The April Showers in white. The reds captained by Mark Watson, Barry Sewell [GK] Bill Goodridge[playing out], Bob Grenside, Mike Harris, Parmjit Bolinia, Tony Perryman, Colin Pinks, Mike Sprange, Tony Taylor, Brian Tubb and 2 others[sorry I did not get all the names] The Whites captained by Nigel Stroften, Mike Fripp [GK], Graham Martin, Paul Martiniua, Adrian Money, Keith Montgomery, Gordon Small, Brian Stokes, Jim Tranter, Bob Whitell, Brian Woolcott again 2 names I did not get.

It was agreed 3 periods of 27min, it all started a bit like the day after the night before with passes going astray from all concerned maybe it was the fact we all had blue socks. As players started to get used to one another and the surface the SC's forced the first short corner but it was a rather feeble affair. The AS's really started to get things together well marshalled by Brian Stokes in mid field but there short corners were no better. Towards the end of the first period after a deal of equal play some individual skill from Parmjit Bolina culminating in him scoring from close range.

In the second game the SC's were playing with greater understanding with the 2 Tony's coming close as did some short corners. AS's appeared to weather the storm until a unusual mistake by the AS's skipper allowing Tony P steal the ball of his stick and place the same under the advancing keeper. On the the final seconds of this period Mike Watson struck a very sharp short corner just inside the post.

At the start of the 3rd period the AS's found some new energy and had soon pulled back 1 goal from a very sharp shot from Gordon Small. The following 10mins saw some desperate defending from the SC's giving the ball away as if it were Christmas in mid field, both Brian Woolcott and Graham Martin had chances to equal things up. The play was put on a steady keel by the skipper and Brian T and Mike H, from this time on the SC's had better control and pressured the AS's defence. About 10min from time Mike H found Tony P in the D who struck a very sharp shot into the back boards giving the SC's a 4-1 win from a very enjoyable game.

The game was well controlled by Percy Steel and Alan Coulter. The whole event was rounded off with a very nice lunch in the club house where we were joined by some of the supporting ladies. Thanks goes to Mike Harris and Colin Pinks for this. More events like this are to be encouraged building back some of the original LX ethos of fun hockey. 

Reporter: Tony Perryman.