LX v Pistons

26th August 2010

Thought you might like a report that LX fielded a side against Pistons at Southgate HC last night, Thursday 26th August 2010.   Brian Woolcott had set the fixture up and then decided to go to Portugal; he asked me to find the players and manage the fixture – only six volunteers were available.  However, after phoning round as many nearby LXers in the last few weeks, including contacting Brian Woolcott himself, who decided he could go to Portugal a few days later (was I conned?) as you can see a good representation became available including:
Nigel Dixon, Hugo Rowbotham, Mick O’Malley, Nigel Spencer-Knott, Gilbert Grace, David Wright, David Read, Adrian Money, Chris Perry, Max Hamber, Gerald Wilkinson, Sheikh Imtiaz Mahmoud, Graham George, Mike Surridge, Brian Woolcott
A good game was enjoyed in the drizzle, perfecting the water based pitch, controlled by two excellent umpires (including Frank Lockhart recent LX).  The substitutions did cause a few initial difficulties each time but the final result going down at 7 – 4 reveals an enthusiastic effort by all against a younger side.  Goals were scored by Centre Forward - Graham George, Inside Right - Sheikh Imtiaz Mahmoud (2), and Inside Left - David Wright.  Do you like the sound of those old fashioned player’s positions.  Especial thanks to Adrian Money for coming from so far away and spending more than an hour in the rain on the M25 car park.
Those preparing for Cape Town will have had an excellent further preparation.

Match Manager (belated):Nigel Spencer-Knott