Grand Masters Hockey World Cup- Cape Town, South Africa

15th - 24th September 2010

Daily Synopsis          
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England Grand Masters England Great Grand MastersEngland Senior Grand Masters: LX over 60's: LX over 65's

The England Grand Masters, Great Grand Masters, Senior Grand Masters and two LX squads together with their faithful followers - totalling around 120 persons flew by various carriers to Cape Town and are staying at the Protea Hotel, Victoria Junction near the V&A Waterfront. 

The World Cup was opened on the evening of Tuesday 14th at Newlands Cricket ground in the Western Province building and there was a short opening address by Helen Zilla a prominent South African politician - the premier of Western Province.

Day 1 Wednesday 15th September
England and LX got off to a good start. The first match of the day was England Grand Masters against New Zealand which England won 2-0. Unfortunately Imtiaz Mahmood-Sheikh received a ball in the face and had to go to hospital (he is now out and has query broken nose and some stitches under the left eye - but seems in remarkably good spirits!) . At the same time LX (over 65's) were playing Alliance B which they also beat 2-0. Later in the morning it was the turn of England Senior Grand Masters (over 70's) (a new category for the World  Cup) who were up against their old adversaries Australia many of whose players they had met over the years in the over 60' and 65's. This game was also won by England 1-0. At lunchtime England Great Grand Masters played the Netherlands and won 1-0. Later in the afternoon LX (over 60's) played South Africa B and won 3-1

Day 2 Thursday16th September
England had another good day. First off at lunchtime was England Senior Grand Masters who beat Alliance A 9-0 and later in the day England Great Grand Masters took on Germany and won 1-0. England Grand Masters and both LX team had a rest day.

Day 3 Friday 17th September
LX over 60's played LX over 65's and won 5-0 and then England GGM took on Australia and after a hard game lost 0-1. At the end of the day England SGM were up against their familiar opponents Germany and won 4-1

Day 4 Saturday 18th September
LX over 65 played Germany B and lost 0-2. LX over 60's played De Zestigplussers over 65's and won 16-0. At the same time England Grand Masters took on Holland and won 5-0. It was a rest day for the other teams.

Day 5 Sunday 19th September
England GM played Scotland and won 1-0 and England SGM (seeded first in their pool) played Germany (seeded 3) and won 1-0. The other teams had the day off

Day 6 Monday 20th September
LX over 60's played Zestigplussers over 60's and drew 2-2. At the same time LX over 65's played South Africa B and lost 2-1. Later in the day England GGM played Scotland and won 4-0  and then England GM played Italy and won 7-0

Day 7 Tuesday 21st September
HAPPY TUESDAY. A good day for England and LX all of whose teams were playing today. The first team to play was England SGM who beat Alliance 10-0. England were all out to score as many goals as possible to render their goal difference the best in their pool. England had now played 5 out of their 6 games, had won all their games and thus had 15 points, scored 24 goals with one against producing a goal difference of 23.  At this stage Australia were the only team who could equal or better England's position. To do so they had to beat the Germans by a goodly margin and then beat England in the last game of the pool on Friday. As it transpired later in the morning Australia in their fifth match against Germany only managed to draw 1-1 meaning they only had 10 points, scored 21 goals and conceded 2 producing a goal difference of 19. England SGM are therefore believed to be the winners of the Senior Grand Master category with a game to spare.
LX over 65's played Sables and won 3-0. Four hours later England GM played Germany and won 1-0 and in the last game of the day LX over 60's played Germany B and won 3-1

Day 8 Wednesday 22nd September
LX over 65's played De Zestigplussers (O65s) and won 4-0; England Grand Masters then played Australia and lost 3-0; later in the day LX over 60's played Sables and won 7-0.

Day 9 Thursday 23rd September

Day 10 Friday 24th September
The last day and finals day. A clean sweep by England and LX club

First off were England Senior Grand Masters against Australia which England won 2-1 (having already won with this game to spare) and thus won all 6 of their games.

Next off were England Great Grand Masters also against Australia which England won 2-0 and accordingly England GGM are also World Champions (a satisfactory reversal of the 2008 World Cup where England GGM lost to Australia on penalty flicks).

Last off were England Grand Masters again against Australia (who they had played and lost to 2 days ago) and England gained their revenge by winning 3-1 and retaining the World Cup which they won at the World Cup in 2008 in Hong Kong.