1st Grand Masters European Trophy

Braxgata, Belgium 2nd - 5th June 2010

Brief Report

LX Club had a good Tournament with their first teams winning all three age groups.

LX GM A came first in their pool and on the final day took on Nederlands 1 who were the winners of Pool B. Both teams put on a fitting and impressive game of hockey for the last match of the Tournament and LX were worthy winners by 1 - 0.

LX GM B as second in Pool B played Belgium, the second team in Pool A and after full time they were drawn at 1 - 1. Following a barrage of flicks Belgium came out the winners 5 - 4

LX GGM A were not sure of their position until the outcome of their final game against Nederlands. If they lost to Nederlands then Nederlands would be the winners and if they drew then LX GGM B with a better goal difference would be the winners. In the end they defeated Nederlands to come first and as a consequence LX GGM B came second

LX SGM A had a close run thing winning by goal difference from Germany although it is believed that in their final game which was against Germany they played their best hockey and completely dominated Germany in the second half but struggled to score goals.

LX SGM B with a scratch side put up a very creditable performance particularly bearing in mind all their opposition were first team selections.

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