8th March 2009

 ‘New Meaning to a Centre Forward’s Name’

Result: LX Club 2  Seniles 3

LX Club assembled a strong squad for this fixture which has always been closely contested, and with the sun coming out LX got off to a dream start with Captain Mike Surridge shooting past the Surbiton goalkeeper on the reverse stick to give the team an early 1-0 lead.  However this early advantage was lost when the unmarked Surbiton Captain and centre forward, Mark Rye, received a hard hit pass through the centre to level the game at 1-1.  He then followed this with another strong strike, which was saved by Nigel Dixon, but the ball spun agonisingly back into the LX goal.

The LX back four struggled to contain the Surbiton forwards who were strongly supported by youthful midfielder, Rudi, enabling Mark Rye in open space to score his third goal for Surbiton.  The aim of the LX defence should have been to ‘mark Rye

The LX team were spurred into a more attacking role, prompted by forwards Keith Hunt, Gordon Small and Tony Jones, well supported by Alan Jackson, Bob Grenside and Mike Surridge in midfield.  Tony Jones then brought the score to 2-3, when Alan Jackson passed the ball to him in the circle, following a good run from near the centre line.

The second half was a total reversal of the first.  LX Club had numerous opportunities to score, posts got in the way, shots went just wide, and Seniles’s goalie John Thom pulled off superb saves.  Hugo Rowbotham, playing for Surbiton, intervened at critical times, seemingly now well recovered from his knee operation.  The determination of LX forced Mark Rye back to help defend, and LXer Rod Cochrane, playing for Surbiton with his usual fitness, took over as their centre forward.  The final result was 3-2 to Surbiton, and it was nice to see Joe Brooks again (always a LX Club stalwart) watching the game. 

Afterwards the Surbiton team supplied an excellent tea, and thanks were given to them by Mike Surridge, and in particular to LX Club members, Mike and Wendy Beaney, who umpired and managed the Surbiton hospitality and pitch booking superbly.  Finally no game can happen without a competent Match Manager - well done to Bob Grenside for his organisation.

Team: Nigel Dixon, John Widgery, Adrian Money, David Read, Mick O’Malley, Bob Grenside, Alan Jackson, Mike Surridge (Captain), Keith Hunt, Gordon Small, Tony Jones.

Match Manager: Bob Grenside
Match Report: David Read