LX   v   Reading Vets

26th April 2009 

On a lovely Spring afternoon, LX soon realised that they were up against a strong opposite (Reading Veterans had just finished their season as champions of the Wessex Supervets Fixtures Alliance) and were one down before the team had settle on a great water based astro.

Reading played some simple quick passing hockey, and although LX defended well, found themselves two down at halftime. Injuries to Brian Tubb & David Read made the LX task really tough in the second half, but they came back well with a goal from Chris Jones which made Reading realise they had a game on their hands.

With an average age of 59 (increase somewhat by Ada Robertson & Keith Hunt playing for Reading) against the LX’s 67, Reading always had the game under control, but thanks to a goal from Rod Cochrane, the LX only lost 5:2.

The game was played in a true friendly Veterans style, and everyone enjoyed the hospitality after the match.

A return game is scheduled for the end of April next year.

Result: LX 2: Reading Vets 5

LX Team: Alan Jackson (Capt), Barry Sewell(GK), Rod Cochrane, John Davey, Tony Jones, Robin Mayes, Adrian Money, David B Read, Nigel Spencer-Knott, Brian Tubb, Ernie Vickery, Gurney White & Brian Woolcott

Match Manager: Keith Hunt