Sunday 12th July 2009

 ‘Penalty corner goals make the difference’

LX Club 3    Lewes 6

Sussex continued to supply excellent weather for this 11th annual and always demanding fixture against a Lewes team, which as usual contained some very skilful younger players, particularly quick forwards. 

Alan Jackson, the LX Captain, employed a zonal system to cope with the opposition’s forwards, but as is usual with LX Club teams, there was an initial ‘settling-in’ period and the Club was 1-0 down quite early from a strike to the far left corner of the goal.  Despite the resolute defending of John Longden, David B Read, Robin Mayes and Alan Jackson, two more Lewes goals followed, one from a sharp deflection from a penalty corner, and the other from the Lewes right wing.  However, the play was not all one way, with Gordon Small and Rod Cochrane up front continually out-running the opposition’s defence, with several  good scoring opportunities, resulting in a goal for Gordon Small after an excellent pass from Geoff Lucas, to make the interval score 3-1 down. 

In the second half, with some repositioning of the defence, LX got more into the game, but were then unfortunate to concede yet another goal via a well worked penalty corner routine.  Tony Williams, on the right wing, had an excellent game for LX, linking up very well with Geoff Lucas. Geoff Kiernander, took control in midfield, and he made a very skilful run past three defenders to accurately slot a shot into the corner of the Lewes goal (4-2).  Another Lewes goal then resulted from a penalty corner, despite the efforts of Alan Dures to narrow angles from the stick deflected shot routine.  However, eventually the Lewes defence conceded a goal, again from a penalty corner, Brian Tubb’s fierce shot being saved, but Gordon Small smashed in the rebound (5-3).  The game ended with yet another Lewes goal from a penalty corner. On the day, if opportunities had been taken, and LX had the same squad numbers as Lewes, the final result could have been a fantastic 6-6 draw. 

Thanks go to the two Sussex County Umpires, Keith Novis and Paul Benoy, and especially for interpreting the new rule regarding hits into the circle.  An excellent meal was provided by Dave Stoner, the Lewes caterer, which was enjoyed by both teams and their supporters.  For the record, to date LX Club have five wins, Lewes three and there have been three draws.

Team: Alan Dures, Robin Mayes, Alan Jackson (Captain), John Longden, David B Read, Brian Tubb, Tony Williams, Geoff Lucas, Geoff Kiernander, Gordon Small, Rod Cochrane.

Match Report:  David G Read