LX CLUB visit to Lille

14-15th March 2009

Eleven good men and true, plus three sets of loyal wives, attended the annual tournament at Ronchin, this early Spring weekend.
Now, England LX,have mostly, if not always, taken top honours here, but with a considerably strengthened opposition, the going was tough ,right from the start.
With eight teams, in two pools, playing thirty minute matches one way, the intention was to play four games over the weekend, with LX,naturally, carrying off the BIG CUP, in the final.
Our opening game was against Wales o60,playing in their squad for The European Trophy, and we did very well, to hold them to a goal-less draw (take that ,Mr Kavanagh).
Alan Dures was outstanding, in holding the fort,and saved our bacon ,many times with some very sharp kicking.
Sadly, we lost, for the first time EVER, to Euberons,(1-0),which fact was not lost on them, in their subsequent celebrations.
And then there was Egypt- Average age about forty, with a couple of grizzled fellows sprinkled in for substance.
Not the best sports in town by a long shot.
After "invading Poland", by occupying the sunny end, and refusing to toss for ends, by dint of possession, they then declined to begin play until the English speaking umpire had been changed.
Thirty battered and noisy minutes later, they shouted their way to a 1-0 win.
Off the pitch,those that spoke English, were friendly, pleasant individuals, but they were out of place in an o60s competition.
Nevertheless, they have invited us to an o60s tournament in Egypt next year.
We should go, but with a strong side.
The final result was Wales in pole position, and LX ,seventh out of eight.
Even the wooden spoon evaded us this year !!
The LX GROUP, which blended very well together socially, if not always like Astaire and Rogers, on the park, comprised,
Alan Jackson (Capt), Sudesh Nayar, Alan Dures (GK).Mike Gale, John Widgery, Mike Sprague, Eugene Oshaunessy Murphy, Roger Lomas, Roy Woodcock, Geof Turk, Brian Woolcott (manager),all sharing the delightful company of Mrs's Jackson, Gale, Widgery, and Nayar
Our condolences to Ian Russell, whose wife Vera, broke foot bones earlier this month, and thus Ian missed the only Lille since inception. Wonder what she was kicking ?.
Brian Woolcott