Tuesday 24th November 2009

‘Chairman starts off new Fixtures Initiative at St. Albans HC’

Result:  LX Reds  2,    LX Whites  1

Nigel Strofton, the LX Club Chairman, took on the initiative to supplement the existing weekend based fixtures programme by organising the first of what is hoped to be a future programme of midweek fixtures.  Hopefully similar games can be arranged at convenient locations around England for LX Club Members in 2010 onwards.

The two well matched teams (supplemented by three St. Albans Masters players) were assembled for this inaugural game at the St. Albans HC pitch at Clarence Park, starting at 1.00pm.  The early attacks came from the Red team with Imitiaz Mahmood-Sheikh and Greg Hutchings combining well and stretching the Whites’ defence to the limit, but a brilliant goalkeeping display by Crawford McKeen kept the Reds’ forwards at bay.  Whites’ Captain, Richard Clarke, rallied his team and it was not until the last minutes of the first half that Greg Hutchings broke through the Whites’ defence and scored an excellent goal for the Reds, well Captained by Andy Holden, who had come all the way from Barrow-in-Furness for the game. 

Following half-time, Whites dominated play with numerous penalty corners and goal scoring opportunities to potentially level the score, and thereby settle the final result in their favour.  However, Imitiaz elected to go on one of his talented individual forays and scored a goal for Reds against the run of play.  Whites continued playing well with Bob Grenside very skilfully weaving his way through the Reds’ defence, ending with Bill Warrender, who had travelled from Kendal for the day, scoring for Whites with his usual aplomb. 

The game was a splendid example of Over 60s hockey with crisp passing and goal scoring opportunities and was enjoyed by all.  It is hoped that this new initiative for fixtures will be followed by other Members arranging similarly highly competitive games in the future.

Thanks go to the umpires Ian Marsh and Eugene Murphy, and especially to Erica Strofton who singularly spent much valuable time preparing and cooking an excellent meal for the occasion.  Thanks also go to the wives who attended, and Mike Surridge who was unable to play due to injury but came along to support the fixture.

Teams:  LX Red – James Jarrett (St. Albans), Jimmy King (St. Albans), Andy Holden (Captain), Robin Mayes, David B Read, Gilbert Grace, Keith Hunt, Imitiaz Mahmood-Sheikh, Greg Hutchings, Michael Sprange, Adrian Stephenson.

LX Whites – Crawford McKeen (new LX Club member & Chelmsford HC), David G Read, Nigel Strofton, Richard Clarke (Captain), Nigel Spencer-Knott, John Michalik (St. Albans), Bob Purshouse, Bob Grenside, Bill Warrender, Graham George, Brian Woolcott.

Match Report:  David G Read