30th MARCH 2008

The LX Club team, who were selected for the Warlocks fixture, attended instead a re-arranged event at the Woking Hockey club. Together with the Pitts team (Woking), Ancient Britons and Warlocks, the team honoured Arthur Barber, the Woking HC President, and a recent President of LX Club, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, and who still plays regular hockey.

LX Club played three games, the first against Warlocks, narrowly losing 2-1 after an extended session of penalty corners at the end of the match, leading to a shot finally being driven into the net by the left post.  David Brampton scored for LX following an excellent pass from the creative Richard Clarke at centre half.

The second game against the Pitts broadly followed the pattern of the first, with a last minute goal from a penalty corner for the home Club, giving them a 2-1 victory.  Graham Martin scored an excellent goal for LX Club.

The third game was against the Ancient Britons, which contained several members of LX Club. Arthur, following participation in all other teams, duly performed to his impeccable high standard at left back for LX.  Final result 0-0, with Barry Sewell making several superb saves to thwart Ancient Britons.

The celebrations then transferred to the Woking HC Clubhouse with an excellent meal being served, plus a free bar which was extremely well patronised.

The Mayor of Woking, accompanied by the Mayoress, then paid a tremendous tribute to Arthur for his hockey, but also everything else he has done for all sports in the Woking area on various Committees.  David Pitt then thanked Arthur for all he has done for Woking HC over 55 years, and also the visiting teams for making this tribute such a success.  The other participating Clubs similarly contributed, and Brian Woolcott on behalf of LX Club, thanked Arthur for his valuable contributions to the Club over the years, remembering that he was on the Australian Tour in 1999 when the Ashes were won by the LX Club. Brian presented him with a ten year old bottle of Port from the LX Club team playing on the day. 

Ian Russell, one of the founder members of the Club, similarly made a sincere tribute to Arthur, and presented him with the two litre bottle of 1999 Fronsac wine recently won at the Lille tournament by the LX Club, which Arthur participated in for many years.  For the record: Arthur has played 55 years at Woking, 20 years with the Ancient Britons, 19 years with Warlocks, and 13 years with LX Club.  In that time he has visited nearly all the hockey playing Countries.  “Congratulations, Arthur”, on behalf of the LX Club, for your magnificent hockey achievements over so many years.

Many thanks go to Austyn Leaverland for organising the LX team and in helping to make the day such a success.

Team:  Arthur Barber, Barry Sewell, David Read, John Longden, Peter Ross, Richard Clarke, Adrian Money, Keith Montgomery, Alan Jackson, Graham Martin, Brian Woolcott, David Brampton, Austyn Leaverland (Captain and Match Manager).


Match Report:  David Read