Here is the team for the Hereford game on Sunday 20th May
and below the arrangements for the golf on Saturday 19th.

LX V Hereford

Paddy Maher
Colin Pinks
Richard Clarke
Maurice Williams
David Wright
Bob Purshouse
Austyn Leaverland
Peter Ross
Brian Woolcott
Adrian Money
Gerald Wilkinson
Colours: Red shirts, white shorts, blue socks

Push back: 1300  

Venue:Whitecross High School,Three Elms Road, Hereford HR4 0RN
01432 376080


Golf at Burghill Valley Golf Club on Saturday 19th May

Leon and Ena Mack
Bob Purshouse
Brian Woolcott
David Wright
Austyn Leaverland
plus Percy and Yvonne and other Hereford players

Address: Burghill Valley Golf Club, Tillington Road, Burghill, Hereford HR4 7RW 
Phone: 01432 760456
Bacon rolls and coffee available on arrival 
Tee times: 1430-1450 
Cost: 28 per person
Dinner: Table has been reserved at 2030 at a local pub, just down the road from the golf club.