LX vs Surbiton Seniles

at Surbiton on Sunday 21st January

This was an enjoyable game played in a good spirit. The first thing LX had to do prior to the game starting was to work out who was going to play in what position on the pitch - quite a difficult task with such a multi-talented squad available to the captain. Surbiton applied a lot of pressure from the start but were unable to score thanks to sterling work by all the defence and some good saves by Tim Pollard in goal. Then, in a breakout from from defence, the ball was moved pass by pass out to Keith Hunt on the right wing. In classic style he struck it into the D where Ian Russell, at the far post, brought the ball under control and put it in the goal - LX one up. The lead was maintained until the dying minutes of the first half when a short corner was awarded against LX right on the half time whistle. This resulted in a three-short-corner barrage, due to infringements on the first two, and on the third a shot deflected off the goalie's foot into the chest of David Read resulted in a goal being awarded to Surbiton. LX came out and attacked more in the second half and the game was end to end. LX were very much in the game and exerted lots of pressure. They were unfortunate not to score at least three times from moves that only required the final touch into the goal. But all these attacks resulted in the team getting stretched and Surbiton exploited this with quick breakaway movements from which they scored twice. To LX’s credit they never gave up the fight and the consensus from both teams at the end of the match was how much every one had enjoyed the game.

Thanks to hosts Surbiton and to Mike and Wendy Beaney in particular. Wendy and another Surbiton lady umpired the game for us, thanks to both.

Team: Tim Pollard, Arthur Barber, Gurney White, Adrian Money, John Longden, David Read, Brian Woolcott, Peter Ross, David Wright, Alan Jackson, Keith Hunt and Ian Russell

Result:   Surbiton Seniles   3    LX Club   1

David Wright