LX  v  Pistons


Thursday 17th May 2007





LX  0   Pistons  3


LX made an excellent start against strong opposition and, with crisp and accurate interplay, held Pistons to 0-0 at half time. They deserved better as Gerald Wilkinson narrowly missed with a well-hit shot after a fine run in from a long way back, and winger Brian Woolcott, having made a strong attempt with a shot which hit the keeper high on the left shoulder and deflected wide, then narrowly failed to pop in the loose ball from the customary six inches just inside the post. Pistons then scored three goals in the last 15 minutes and 3-0 was the final score. But it was a good match overall.


Team: Mike Fripp, John Widgery, Adrian Robertson, Robin Mayes, Richard Clarke, Adrian Money, Keith Hedley, Gerald Wilkinson, David Wright, Brian Woolcott (capt).