LX  v  Hereford


  Sunday 20th May 2007




LX  0   Hereford  0


A fine, warm sunny morning and a new slightly sandy astro – what could be better?  Well, eleven men on the pitch for a start. 

Unfortunately the game started 30 minutes ahead of the originally billed time and Richard Clarke had fine-tuned his arrival for a 1.00 push back. Not his fault then when push back occurred at 12.30! 

Still, he only missed 15 minutes and match manager Percy Steele filled in until he arrived.

Although Hereford were typically the much younger side, they did sport several players of the grey-haired variety and the game was fast, hard-fought and evenly balanced. Pressure was put on both goalkeepers but resolute defending kept both goals intact throughout the game and tension was maintained up to the final whistle. 0-0 was a very fair result. As Hereford is a very long way over to the left and up a bit for those of us from the south east, match manager Percy Steele played the travellers in the 12-man squad ahead of himself for most of the game. The previous day Percy and Yvonne had arranged a golf day at Burghill Valley Golf Club and were generous enough to award a prize for the least number of points scored. The Chairman, and writer of this report, would like to know if anyone has need of a furry spotted bunny with a hole in its bottom, suitable presumably for a sizeable driver or sandwiches?


Team: Paddy Maher, Colin Pinks, Richard Clarke, Maurice Williams, David Wright, Bob Purshouse, Austyn Leaverland, Peter Ross, Brian Woolcott, Adrian Money, Gerald Wilkinson, Percy Steele.