LX A v Chiltern Nomads ( Tring)      1 April2007

 LX 3 - Chiltern Nomads 3

LX were up against a generally younger team, with the exception of guests David Wright and Gerald Wilkinson. Three 30 minute sessions were played.

During the first session the balance of possession was fairly even. Alan Dures tipped a hard shot over the bar but Nomads scored with a well struck shot from open play. Just before the first break an LX short corner was slipped from Ken Wilcock to Steve Stowell, who slotted the ball neatly just inside the post to level the score at 1-1.

The second session saw LX getting into their stride and probably just shading possession. They went ahead with a text book goal which started from a clearance kick from Alan Dures, the ball passing swiftly via Terry Howlett, Norman Ballard and Ken Wilcock out to David Gill on the left wing. He crossed it to Steve Stowell who slipped it to Mike Surridge who lifted it over the keeper to score, despite the desperate efforts of David Wright behind his keeper! Nomads countered hard and a series of short corners saw Peter Crayford make two successive saves from Peter Wright (no relation!). Eventually Nomads scored to leave the scores level at the second break.

The final session saw sustained pressure from Nomads, but LX fitness saw the midfield and back four combining well to present a strong defence. Pressure was not all one way and LX earned a number of short corners. Ken Wilcock and Steve Stowell produced a replica of LX’s first goal to give a 3-2 lead. LX  should really have shut up shop and gone for possession, but being a practice match they continued to attack and suffered the penalty just before the final whistle, when Nomads scored to give a 3-3 result. The game was enjoyed by all in ideal conditions and the hospitality at Tring was second to none.

Mike Surridge