at Havant on 17 December 2006


Previous matches between LX and Havant have traditionally been close encounters and this turned out to be no exception.

With 5 wingers in the team there were bound to be a number of people playing out of position.  Alan Dures was quick to put on the pads thus ensuring that he kept his position in goal; but Tom Darlington found himself at centre forward, while Peter Ross, having delegated the captaincy to David Read, found himself playing centre half, flanked by two others playing out of position - but by no means out of their depth.  Keith Hunt and Lienel Barnes gave excellent support both in defence and to Ian Russell and Brian Woolcott on the wings – the front three therefore scoring over 70 on average (but alas no goals). 

It is fair to say that neither team looked like scoring for much of the game although with Alan Jackson and John Davey playing for Havant there was always a danger to our defence.  However the determination and the understanding between David Read and John Longden meant that Alan Dures had little to do in the first half. 

Havant gradually gained more control after the interval despite the tireless working of Adrian Money and David Brampton in midfield but the game looked as if it would conclude with a goalless draw.  However, an unfortunate deflection with only 3 minutes to the final whistle allowed a Havant player to place an excellent shot past Alan.  LX came back with one final attack but this failed to change the result.

Perhaps Havant had the slight advantage in the second half but LX will feel a draw might have been a fair reward for their efforts.

Many thanks to John Davey for organising the match and to the umpires, Ken Veness and Colin Herbert, for this very enjoyable game on a lovely December afternoon.

LX Team: Alan Dures, David Read, John Longden, Lienel Barnes, Peter Ross, Keith Hunt, Brian Woolcott, David Brampton, Tom Darlington, Adrian Money, Ian Russell.

Peter Ross
Match manager