LX Club v Pistons

at Southgate on Thursday 22nd June 

Following an earlier victory over Pistons,(5-2 and cruising), I was alarmed to note that for the game of 22nd Pistons published team sheet contained an unusually strong element.
The Foreign Sec. Mr Clark, rang me to ask nervously if I had noticed their line-up. I had.
Apart from a clutch of near 40-year-olds, it included, amongst others, John Shaw (Olympic Gold Medallist) and James Duthie (GB many times. It would appear that defeat at home, at the hands of the elderly, was not to be taken lightly.
I fired off a polite but firm e-mail, protesting that, whilst it might be hockey, it certainly wasn’t cricket to field such a disproportionately powerful line-up. In the event, Shaw didn’t play, but at half-time we were 6-1 down, our one goal scored by Nigel Dixon's son, who was filling in as our 11th man!.
Observing that Mr Duthie was the only Piston wearing any grey hair at all, we swapped him for Nigel Dixon, who was playing out on the field, owing to a misunderstanding in the selection process, vis a vis goalkeepers. As a result, LX won the second half 2-1 with goals from Graham Martin and David Gill, but with a final score of 7-3 to Pistons reflecting a vastly more enjoyable game all round.

The LX valiant ten were Alan Dures (GK) Bob Clark, David Read, Graham George, Nigel Spencer-Knott, Gerald Wilkinson, Graham Martin, David Gill, Brian Woolcott(capt), Nigel Dixon - with the help of Mr Matt Dixon Jnr

Brian Woolcott