LX CLUB v Pistons 

at Trent Park, Southgate on Thursday 10th August

LX fielded a potentially strong, but untested line-up, including new members Paul Pech at inside left and Mike Greenough at left half. Both performed well, confirming the selectors decision to invite the intrepid duo to 'sign up'. An early deflection by Graham George at centre forward gave LX the lead, which we held onto until well into the second half.
Although LX had a squad of twelve, Robin Mayes, scheduled to play at right half, spent his first half studying traffic non-flows somewhere in the region of Thurrock, but arrived in time to sub for Gerald Wilkinson shortly after the commencement of the second half. Gerald who, despite chasmic open-groin surgery less than three weeks ago, bobbed about as usual, at inside right. Wisely, feeling sore around the stitches, he took to the bench and escaped unsplit. It is hoped that 31mins of hockey, compensated Robin for nearly four hours of travel just to get to Southgate! Perhaps inevitably, as the second half progressed, the strong, young hardcore of Pistons began to take control of the midfield, and scored three goals in the last 25 minutes. LXer Parmodh, playing for Pistons, scored one scrappy and one good goal, against us. Wish I'd picked you after all now, Parmodh!. The final score was 3-1 to Pistons – the evening finishing with a pint or two of good Young's bitter, and a plateful of delicious, if expensive, shepherd's pie

LX Squad: A.Dures, B.Clark, R.Mayes, D.Wright, P.Pech, N.Strofton, M.Greenough, D.Gill, G.George, M.Surridge, G.Wilkinson, B.Woolcott,(capt).

Brian Woolcott