SUNDAY 12th MARCH  2006


Result: LX Club 1  Bury 0

The LX Club team arrived at the excellent Culford School pitch, keen to participate in this normally close fixture, in ideal sunny but crisp conditions for hockey.  The LX Club players available for the game posed a few positional conundrums, but everybody slotted in well, and the team were soon on the attack, with Brian Woolcott on the right wing linking well with Gerald Wilkinson to test the Bury defence.  Mike Surridge, at centre half, was also into his non-stop running, with skilful control providing many accurate passes to the LX forwards.
At the other end of the pitch the Bury forwards were equally active, with Norman Ballard creating opportunities, and LX could have been 2-0 down, with two penalty corner strikes being disallowed, as they went over the goal line well above back board height.  LX Club eventually went ahead from a penalty corner injected by Tony Jones, stopped by John Longden, with Gerald Wilkinson striking a precision shot, which deflected off a defender’s heel, into the Bury net past Alan Dures’ low left hand.
At half-time a couple of positional switches were made, Tony Jones came to centre forward, and Geoff Morley moved to left wing, where he made some incisive runs, ably assisted by the perceptive Graham Martin at inside left.  However, Bury raised their game, with George Hazell driving forward, looking to create chances.
Bury wingers Gary Goodchild and Ian Stoter’s strong running , meant that LX Club’s wing halves of Mike Gale and Peter Ross had to perform brilliantly. Nigel Dixon in goal supported the defence well, and John Longden stood firm at the back, playing his usual skilful tackling game to thwart any forwards who broke through, to ensure a hard fought 1-0 victory for the LX Club.
Following the game, Bury Vets hospitality was again of the highest standard, which was enhanced by the provision of a birthday cake and liberal quantities of wine provided by Bury player Ian Stoter, whose 60th birthday was imminent.
Many thanks go to the umpires, Mary and Alan Baker from Suffolk County Umpires Association, who chose to umpire the game in preference to other fixtures, Barry behind the bar, and all the wives who provided food and helped in the kitchen, particularly Kay Hazell with her delicious apple crumble. 
Finally no game would be complete without a competent Match Organiser, and Alan Dures again made this an excellent fixture in which to participate.

Team:  Nigel Dixon, David Read (Captain), John Longden, Peter Ross, Mike Surridge, Mike Gale, Brian Woolcott, Gerald Wilkinson, Geoff Morley, Graham Martin, Tony Jones.

Match Report:    David Read