LX v  West Country Select

on 23rd October 2016

West Country Select 3  v  LX  1

Sat nav took on a whole new meaning and wasn't quite up to the mark as LX  took on the might of the West Select in Exeter today. When we arrived at the ground we could not find the changing room! - was this an age thing, or was this test to sort out the Men from the boys?

During the LX team talk rumours of mutiny were soon heard from the LX left back who said he would move if he didn't get passed to - an inauspicious start for the gallant Mike Harris on such a lovely autumnal afternoon, as if he didn't have enough to deal with working out how to manage the time slices of 14 & 1/2 minutes before players could be subbed.
On to the game, an ebb & flow of LX Red shirts glowing in the afternoon sun, with the wicked Black shirts of the West Select trying to halt their progress with mixed success on both sides. But the spirited young West team finally broke down the LX defiance with a goal scored by Lu Piscina, but LX fought back, pressurising the West goal until one of the black defence was forced to use the back of his stick right in front of the black goal and the umpire trying to defend against another plucky attack spearheaded by Pete Danson,  the hapless umpire gleefully awarded a Penalty Flick. - Come ON!
So, moving swiftly on to half time, it was 1 -  0 to the West (yup, you got it, ~~k~ missed the flick, in fact Paddy Maher in the West goal had thought it was the half time whistle &  gone off for an orange! and M still missed - Oh! The Shame! )
The 2nd half started brightly with the Red Waves of LX gallantly trying to overcome the Black  Breakwater - then - success! Paddy had just came back from his halftime orange to find Black defenders being overrun by Red shirted attackers right on the goalline, not too sure whether to get the ball over Paddy who was fighting off his black defenders sticks while LX Red attackers watched, mischievously tapping the ball away from Paddy or a Black defenders stick until finally John Tripp lifted the ball over Paddy who was by now rolling around laughing & giggling - or was it under him? Anyway it was a goal 1 -  1, - Game on!
Now the 14 1/2 minute slices kicked in and disarray in the Red defence resulted in a another West goal from Bob Whitell.
The Red waves kept rolling forward but the Black Breakwater held FIRM & seemed to break out more quickly, did this mean trouble for the more senior LX players?  The clock ticked, the Red shirts saw anxious looks exchanged between themselves along with an occasional "oh silly me" - until - disaster the Black shirts had one too many in the circle and Roger Britton swept the ball past a stranded Colin - where were the defenders when he needed them?
If only,  - that time Paddy went off for an early half time orange, or the Red LX shirts had scored more goals,  then LX would have won! But it was 3 -  1 to the West; even if LX players scored all the goals – just saying!.
Great fun, lots of good performances but I can't remember who by, an even-ish game with hockey the real winner.
Quality umpiring too, many thanks to Andrew Harvey and Martin Stoneman. Many thanks to assorted Lady supporters as well .

Quality performance was then extended to The Apres, chez Café Andre, a really outstanding job done by Catherine Goodridge, allegedly supervised by Bill!

PS - the left back got some ball so didn't have to move!

Hopefully the correct photo!

Vince Smith, - still trying to find the changing room, hence scant details of the game.