LX v Pistons

at Southgate on 25th August 2016

A mixed LX O70 team, sweated to a hard fought draw (0-0),in the late afternoon heat,with much enjoyment.

The game was the last ,this summer,in a trilogy of specially arranged matches,between LX O70 and Southgate Pistons (Legends-o60),all of which have proved to be hard fought and well balanced.

Although there were 27 applicants to play initially,LX were down to a bare 10 on the day,which allowed us dispensation to recruit Club Captain,Richard Slator,as LX's 11th man at the 11th hour,as he was playing in the following game.(FIT and BRAVE,in that heat !)

Some crisp and brisk interchanging of passes,saw LX take control ,early in the game,and RW Woolcott,was surprised to find himself with the ball,but nose to nose with a large keeper.
A swift reverse sticks scoop took the ball over the keeper,but sadly,also just over the bar as well,so it came to nought.
More pressure down the left with some good crosses from GILL,but no more goals were to appear.
Club Captain dominated the centre mid field, spreading the ball via Smith and Perry on the right and  Gill and Roberts on the inner left attack.,but with no penetration.
Centre forward Stephenson,had one possible snap shot,but was unlucky in deflecting two others.
Counter attacks were mopped up by defenders Parker and George,but keeper Maher was never seriously bothered.
Although LX lost their overall dominance of the game after half time (Think 3rd quarter of GB Ladies Final,but without a goal),it remained open ended to the whistle,and was a satisfying outing,with more of the same to come,next summer.

The evening finished with a cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches.

Sorry,I mean an excellent BBQ and a modicum of beer !!

Manager Brian Woolcott