LX v  Oxted Moonshiners

 on 24th April 2016

Oxted Moonshiners 7 - LX 2


Oxted very quickly made it apparent that they were out to avenge last year's heavy defeat. Unfortunately LX's marking in the initial exchanges left much to be desired. In spite therefore of LX having the majority of possession the home side capitalised on some lax defending & in the twinkling of an eyelid notched up no less than 5 goals before the half-time whistle brought some welcome respite to the LX maestros. The word "marking" was conjured up from some distant memory bank & the second half proved to be an even contest. At last teamwork & defensive cohesion were added to the brilliant individual ball skills displayed throughout by Tochi Panesar, Tony D'Souza & Ian Knox At the rear Henrik Kjellin & Nigel Guppy stuck to their men & tackled like demons & when called upon our libero Rod Cochrane swept up as required. The midfield worked their socks off as did Gordon Small. LX started to claw their way back into the game. A superb pass from Tochi Panesar set up a guest player lent us by the opposition to score with his first touch & soon afterwards the same player was on hand to finish off a fine move.

Not to be outdone Oxted matched LX with two further goals in spite of John Ingram-Marriott pulling off some customary fine saves. At least the second half saw LX salvage some pride from the match. LX certainly had at least an equal share of possession from which they forced a myriad of penalty corners. On another day had the Oxted goalkeeper not been so alert who knows but the first half too might have been a draw or better still LX might have brought home the spoils.


As usual Oxted entertained us with their usual aplomb at The Royal British Legion Club. It was sad that Rainer Vogt that illustrious LX alumnus who was instrumental in setting up this fixture with his home club many years ago has now announced that his knees have told him that his playing days are over & an Oxted Moonshiners golf weekend even lured him away from the touchline . We hope that if Oxted are kind enough to ask us back next year Rainer might be cajoled either into umpiring or at least joining us either at the game or at the post match drinking post. Our thanks go to David Todd of Oxted for standing in Rainer's shoes so adeptly & also to the venerable Ben Rea for blowing the whistle on our behalf.


LX team: John Ingram-Marriott, Rod Cochrane, Henrik Kjellin, Nigel Guppy, Robin Mayes (Captain),Tony D'Souza, Tochi Panesar, Ian Knox & Gordon Small plus

2 guests from Oxted.

Report by Robin Mayes