LX v Isca Over 60s

at Dawlish on 7th January 2016

On a cold but thankfully dry day in Dawlish, Devon, an LX squad of 15 took on a 14 strong over 60s team from Isca, many of whom are also LX club members.

It was decided to play four twenty minute quarters, which helped with the many substitutions needed, and allowed players a welcome rest at regular intervals.

The LX team set out with skilled and confident play with some slick passing and good support work. With little trouble from the Isca players, LX soon found themselves 3-0 ahead in the first quarter with goals from John Housham (2) and Steve Mumford.

The second quarter saw more attacking play from Isca although they had few goal scoring chances. The LX side also had few chances and the quarter ended with no further goals.

Half time refreshments consisted of a (plastic) glass of port, thanks to Simon Fry, but this did little for the LX play in the third quarter as they found themselves increasingly under pressure from Isca. There were a few goalmouth scrambles and some chances in open play but Isca failed to score thanks to some good defending and an element of luck or inept shooting. Isca’s failure to score was matched by the LX team and the score at the end of the third quarter remained at 3-0.

In the final quarter the port was beginning to work and, with some fine attacking play, LX scored another three goals (Brian Hiscock, Richard Harvey and Lu Piscina) giving a final score of 6-0.

The game was played in perfect spirit and was excellently umpired by Martin Stoneman and John Drew, although they seemed to have very little to do. The post- match celebration took the form of a late 2015/early 2016 Christmas dinner at the Langstone Cliff Hotel where many of the over 60s showed they were still young at heart with silly hats, party poppers and flying balloons.

The fixture was brilliantly organised by Bill Goodridge for which several well deserved votes of thanks were given at the dinner. Speeches were kept to a minimum with Nigel Dupain proposing a Toast to the Host Club and the Ladies with a witty riposte from Chris Booker. The hotel should also be congratulated for an excellent dinner, comfortable accommodation for those who stayed and a superlative breakfast.

This was the first LX Fixture of 2016 and a very high standard has been set for on and off pitch activities.

LX team: Tim Block, Ian Burnham, Nigel Dupain (capt), Tom Ettling, Nigel Guppy, Richard Harvey, Brian Hiscock, John Housham, Patrick Martin, Steven Mills,  Stephen Mumford, Lu Piscina, Vince Smith, Brian Stokes, Alan Wade.

Isca team: Doug Barnes, Chris Booker*, Winston Bower*, Peter Costello, Simon Fry*, Bill Goodridge*, Mike Harris*(capt), John Smith*, Gray Smith-Laing, Tim Underhill,  Mark Watson*, Bob Whitell*, Maurice Williams*, John Wiseman.

(* = LX member)

This report was written by Nigel Dupain on a Remington Typewriter and translated into English by Bill Goodridge.