LX Intra Club at Trojans on Thursday 18th February 2016

involving Trojans, LX ‘A’ &  LX ‘B’ teams

Once again there was an excellent turnout of LX players for these matches against Trojans over 60’s, who had a little help from Nigel Guppy and Peter Ross.

Again, as in previous years, the sun was shining. Will the good luck continue for future fixtures? Hopefully, as it certainly makes the day much more enjoyable.

Tea and coffee was available in the bar from 1100hrs; and the players all gathered on the pitch for a joint photo at 1200hrs, with the first game between Trojans and LX ‘A’ only starting 10mins late. It was a closely fought contest ending in a 0 – 0 draw.

Trojans who had just played for 50 minutes, then played LX ‘B’ for another 50 mins (we must be fit). Neither team managed to score as Trojans defence once again held firm, so another 0 – 0 draw. LX ‘A’ then played LX ‘B’ and somehow, managed to score two goals to finish with a win. Goal scorers were A. Fraser and J. Tripp.

Once everyone had re-assembled in the bar, all 42 people (which included 3 wives) sat down for the usual sausage, mash, peas and onion gravy meal.

The first time I organised one of these matches, I thought it was because all the players wanted to play for me, but as the majority seem to be the same every year, I now realise, that it is because of the sausages.

I would like to thank Ben Rea and Peter Goss for umpiring all three games and all players for their support.

Organiser: Gordon Small (Trojans & LX)  

Trojans: P. Barbagallo, M. Cowell, N. Guppy, B. Tubb, D. Legg, R. Edgar, A. Hogg, P. Ross, N. Cane, B. Hiscock, I. Bullivant, P. Bolina & G. Small.

LX ‘A’: I. Burnham, B. Perryman, M. Sprange, J. Maylam (capt), A. Barnes, J. Tripp, C. Jullings, A. Money, J. Stone, R. Girling, A. Fraser D. Brampton, & C. Blake.

LX ‘B’: C. Kimber, R. Oakley, R. Slator (capt), B. Stokes, B. Woolcott, P. Danson, A. Leaverland, R. Cochrane, S. Nayar, G. Stones, I Knox & V. Smith.