LX Intra Club at Olton

5th October 2016

Couldn't have gone better.

Only one pitch, but 42 turned out to play ( including 3 non LXers), again coming from all four corners of the UK.These Events just get bigger and bigger.

14 supporters as well, and 2 quality umpires. Nearly had to get the police involved because of the significant numbers attending. In North Korea, this size of gathering would actually be banned.

Using highly sophisticated computer software, 3 evenly balanced squads were devised. 

And to ensure everyone got enough pitch time, instructions were given in advance, that no time was to be lost between games, meaning there was effectively 2.5 hours of continuous hockey, and nobody stayed off the pitch for too long. Everybody complied. Thanks to the computer nominated Captains for keeping their squads in order. And the 6 twenty minute games were of the usual high LX standard, of course. 

But within 10 minutes of the last game finishing, I'd forgotten all the best passages of play, who "won", and who the goalscorers were. It matters not because everyone seemed to have a great time. 

The weather was sunny. Nice for the spectators, and not too hot for the performers.

Afterwards we all retired to the bar for a 2 course meal, drinks, and great LX camaraderie.

Before departing and joining the M42 rush hour traffic.

Book early for next year to avoid disappointment. Let's try and get 100, for 5 minutes hockey each, but lots of social interaction.

Trevor Denison