LX 70+  v  West 70+

3rd Practice Match for the LX 70+ team going to Australia

at Clifton College, Bristol on Wed 6 Apr  2016

LX 70+   0 - 3   West 70+   (4 x 20 min)

Our first loss in three games, though we played fairly well and could easily have scored 2 or 3 goals ourselves from attacks and short corners in the D, so it was not as bad as it seems.

Mike, Adrian and Wim were again unavailable, and also Chris with a pulled hamstring from the 75s Divisional Tournament (although he tells me that it is responding well to treatment), but once again, we were able to use guest players Rod, Michael and Vince, although Michael only lasted the first quarter (another injury from the 75s weekend). Also, Winston (West player) came on for Bill in the last quarter because of a suspected Achilles Heel problem.

The teams were fairly evenly matched, though West player Brian Perryman, the England 70s captain, had lots of the ball and was probably the difference in the two sides. However, there were many occasions when we dominated play in attack and defence and Mo made several fine clearances throughout the match.

Defender Vince provided Jim with the ball for runs on the right and Peter Den. and Graham caused problems on the left and in the centre, running at their defence. The other defenders, Rod, Bill and Patrick were mainly successful in their tackles, Barrie and Peter Dan. were busy in midfield and Brian had some nice touches on the left wing.

Playing against a slightly stronger team, we did give the ball away too often, so we need to be more accurate by using more short passes, and building up play so we have more bodies in the 25 yard area when attacking.

Team :-Peter Danson (C),  Peter Denley,   Graham George ,  Patrick Martin, Jim Mason ,  Barrie Roberts,  Mo Umney (GK),   Bill Greenwood,  Brian Woolcott, Vince Smith (guest), Rod Cochrane (guest), Michael Sprange (guest). Chris Parker (injured),  Mike Gale (unavailable), Adrian Stephenson (unavailable),  Wim van Noortwijk (unavailable)