LX White Over 60s V Ancient Britons

at Olton on 24 July 2016.

Ancient Britons 4 – LX White O60 1

Ian Burnham, Tony Neeve, Chris Booker, Graeme Menzies, Peter Reid, Simon Fry, Steve Mumford, Lakhan Kandola,  Nick Kennerley, Tony Taig, Paul Bateson, Pami Bolina.

With some notable exceptions and blessed by the addition of Nick Kennerley this was the side who did so well (nearly) at the Grand Masters world cup in Australia back in April.

We arrived to see LX Red 65s playing the seriously Ancient Britons and were encouraged by their win, and after the traditional abuse that greeted Steve Mumford’s coaching talk, we started well and created a number of half chances in the first quarter, the best of which fell to Tony Taig who couldn’t quite complete a really good move.

Ancient Britons always looked dangerous and had the the most influential player on the pitch in Billy Jawanda. A break midway through that period ended with Billy finding space and time on the top of the circle to score the opener.

Both sides continued to create chances and Tony Neeve in particular ran miles in tracking and covering their very able centre forward.

Past half way the game could still have gone either way but a second goal followed when a short corner rebounded off the keeper and was steered home to give Billy his second goal of the game. From then on ABs gained more control and enjoyed a period of sustained possession. LX tired as we struggled to win back the ball and eventually conceded 2 further goals.

Paul Bateson scored a consolation goal with about 5 minutes to go although to be fair we did have 12 players on the pitch at the time as we were making a casual substitution. The umpires took pity and let the goal stand and we headed for the bar to eat and drink and do what we do rather well – that is to accompany the fabulous Tony Taig in some memorable singing.

Chris Booker