LX CLUB v Trojans

at Southampton on Tuesday 6th January 2015

 The day started a little on the damp side, but by the time most of the players had arrived at the Trojans ground the sun (which had been ordered) started to appear. Tea/coffee was available from 1220hrs in the bar and after the team photo had been taken (whilst everyone looked smart and fresh) the first of 3 x 30min sessions began at about 1320hrs.

It was decided to stop for a quick change of subs (14 players in each team) after 15mins in each session, but possibly, due to the age of the players, it seemed to take as long as a half time break. I still don’t know whether that was because they were already tired after 15mins or because the brain works slower these days? By the time the last session came round, it appeared to have sunk in; and the changes were much quicker, so I think it had something to do with the brain.

The 3 sessions were very competitive and Trojans were extremely grateful to their Saturday keeper Mark Batchelor, (Yes we cheated as he was only 41) to keep the score as low as 2 -0 to the LX team. The games were umpired extremely well by Peter Goss and occasionally by Brian Tubb (he only made two mistakes, but they were one apiece, so that made things equal).

This was the second year running that LX have visited Trojans and everyone was looking forward to the usual meal, which consisted of sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy, with a veggie version available as an option. It was dutifully served up by Stefano and his girls in their usual excellent manner.

After thanks were expressed, most players headed off up the motorway with a full stomach for their journey home; with some players having put their names down for the next game on the 24th February 2015.

Gordon Small - Trojans/LX organiser