LX CLUB v Ashford & Canterbury

 on 8th November 2015

At Ashford

 Ashford & Canterbury 0 v LX Club 1

This fixture is just 2 years away from its 20th anniversary but at times this year Keith Hedley , our match manager , must have wondered if the gods were conspiring against him. A number of late call offs turned Keith’s hair grey but a call for reinforcements soon brought extra troops rallying to the cause and by the time Sunday came even the weather was in favour.

Both sides settled quickly and the energy of Graham Ramsden and Ian Knox in midfield was helping to create openings up front for the wily Mike Surridge. Peter Ross and Gilbert Grace were both making very effective contributions on the flanks and it seemed only a matter of time before LX scored.
There was still no score at halftime however .
Sudesh Nayar made sure the LX defence kept its shape and organisation in front of Chris Long in goal and with both defences performing well, a lot of play was carried out between the two 25’s .
LX short corners came to nothing and despite all the efforts of both sides it seemed the game was destined for a scoreless draw.
15 minutes from time however Peter Ross and Mike Surridge combined well to set up Graham Ramsden and he picked his spot well to score inside the near post.
With no further score in this enjoyable game the squads retired to the clubhouse to enjoy the renowned hospitality with which this fixture is associated. A 3 course meal washed down with a glass of wine or beer in a nice friendly atmosphere and wasn’t it nice to see so many youngsters enjoying hockey on the pitch both before and after our game. A game for all ages!

LX squad: Chris Long, Brian Murrill, Roger Girling , Sudesh Nayar,Robin Mayes, David West, Mike Surridge, Peter Ross, Ian Knox, Gilbert Grace, Adrian Money, Brian Woolcott., (with Tony Jones playing for the hosts)

Report by Roger Girling