LX Intra Club Day

at Abbeydale, Sheffield 20th October 2015

Result LX Reds 1 LX Whites 0 

Another opportunity to play hockey on the 2012 London Olympics pitch was available at the LX Club Day at Sheffield. Unfortunately, in one way it was a sad day as there was a distinct shortage of LXers. Only three players came from a region other than the North; Brian Woolcott, Peter Danson and Ian Knox and in total we only had 14 LXers. Rather than cancelling the day we made up teams with non- LX North players some of whom were happy to travel a 250 mile round trip to make up the game. We were short of a goalkeeper and we were very grateful for a lady from Sheffield 2nds to join us.

Fortunately, it was a very enjoyable day organised by Richard Danson, Roger Lomas and Colin Pearce; Sheffield players acting as Match Managers. Coffee and a wonderful cake choice [about eight made by Margaret Pearce!] before the game and a great meal after the game was a bonus for the players and ladies who attended.

Captains, Angus Brogdon and David Ewing organised their teams and a good competitive game was played. Only one goal was scored but the result could have been 4-4! The Whites anticipated a strong pressure from the Reds midfielders but were able to respond with accurate passing when in possession of the ball. Outstanding hard work by Whites midfielders David Durrans and Martin Laithwaite and good marking by the defence, David Margerison and Mike Rushmere, limited the shooting opportunities for the Reds despite the pressure put on them by Angus Brogdon and Ian Knox. In the second quarter the Whites were able to generate goal chances due to the good work by John Housham, Sarj Dehl and Bob McCombe, but Martin Ferrett prevented the ball crossing the line several times. For the Reds, half time was a bonus opportunity to set up slightly different play and as the Whites tired the Reds consistently attacked throughout the half. One Whites defensive error allowed a short corner struck by Keith Hindley to trickle across the line for a 1-0 lead. Reds then dominated with quicker midfield work by Paul Dallas, Angus Brogdon, Ted Hayes and Peter Danson allowing Brian Woolcott and Robin Wilson to create goal opportunities. Fortunately, Steph in goal for the Whites, played well. In the final minutes the Whites got back into the game but good defence from Colin Ithurralde and Roger Lomas prevented a goal scoring opportunity. Eight players also umpired a quarter each.  

Squads [bracketed players note the non-LXers] 

LX Reds Ferrett, Lomas, Hindley [N], Arkle [N], Ithurralde [N], Feather [N] Hayes, Dallas, Danson P, Knox, Brogdon Capt, Woolcott, Belk [N], Wilson [N]

LX Whites Steph Mather [Sheffield HC] , Ewing Capt, Margerison, Stuart [N], Rushmere [N], Dodd [N], Durrans, Pearce, Laithwaite [N], Housham, Dehl, Burney [N], McCombe [N]

Match Reporter: David Ewing