Felsted School, Essex

Sunday 8th February 2015

‘Another Mike Surridge Sunshine Success’

After several overcast and very cold weeks, Mike Surridge, the Match Manager for this always very popular Intra-Club fixture, conjured up with some Eastern magic, sun, blue skies and a temperature reaching almost ‘heatwave’ proportions of 8⁰C.

There were enough LX club players with a little local support to form three teams to enable a programme of three matches of 30 minutes.  The games were as follows:-

1.       Wilkinson’s Warriors (Red) v Girling’s Growlers (White)

This game started at a very high tempo, with the Growlers forward line dominating the initial period with David Sheridan’s pace and skill on the right wing combining well with Phil Hubert and Adrian Stephenson causing Terry Murray in the Warriors goal to make some excellent saves.  With Graham Ramsden getting David Sheridan away, it was no surprise when his cross was crashed into the Warriors goal by Adrian Stephenson.  However, Warriors went straight up to the west end and Ian Knox’s (new-member from St Albans) precise cross pass was unfortunately not converted into the open Growlers goal.  The remainder of this game then became more balanced, but Graham George skilfully delivered a pass to Phil Hubert who scored with a tremendous shot, making the final result to Girling’s Growlers a  2-0 win.


2.       Wilkinson’s Warriors (Red) v Denison’s Destroyers (White)

Warriors swopped ends for this game, thus playing with the low sun at their backs, which was an advantage they did not have in the first session.  Once more the opposition in the firm of Imtiaz and Trevor Denison provided a strong test for Warriors’ defence.  However, the defenders had got into their stride by then with Chris Perry outstanding at right-back, and Rob Oakley, began to make some excellent probing runs towards Destroyers goal.  From a resulting penalty corner Ian Knox skilfully lifted a flick high into the goal to score with aplomb.  Chris Jullings in the Whites goal then made a brilliant hand stop at high level, and then pushed an even higher one up over the bar.  Rob Oakley then made a superb reverse stick shot, saved by David Young, stick high above his head, opinion was divided on superb technique or luck, the jury is still out!  Final result 1-0 win to Wilkinson’s Warriors.


3.       Denison’s Destroyers (White) v Girling’s Growlers (Red)

One team had to change shirts and so it fell to the Growlers to don the red shirts as the temperature fell with the setting sun.  The Destroyers with the low sun in the west at their back soon gained advantage, and John Grinham and John Stone promoted attacks, leading to Imtiaz latching onto a loose ball to score after some excellent stickwork.  Growlers were not to be outdone and their strong forward line went close bringing more good saves from Chris Jullings.  However penalty corners were the result of pressure, and Phil Hubert converted one to make the final result 1-1, a very satisfactory ending to an excellent afternoon of hockey.


Everybody then adjoined to the Cheques PH as usual where an excellent meal and ale was served.  Imtiaz thanked the two umpires for officiating with skill, consideration and entering into the spirit of the occasion.  Mike Surridge, who has organised this fixture now for five years, was warmly thanked for all his endeavours and to Wendy Barker who looked after the LX Club so well at ‘The Chequers’.  Finally, many thanks to all the players who supported this fixture from near and far which made the games so enjoyable


Wilkinson’s Warriors:  Brian Woolcott, Gerald Wilkinson, Mark Hollingsworth, Ian Knox, Rob Oakley, Mike Gale, Andy Hodge, Mike Surridge, Chris Perry, David Read, Terry Murray(GK).

Girling’s Growlers:  Adrian Stephenson, Graham George, David Sheridan, Graham Ramsden, Phil Hubert, Andy Holden, Mick O’Malley, Roger Girling, Henrik Kjellin, Mo Umney(GK).

Denison’s Destroyers: Gilbert Grace, David Brampton, Imtiaz Sheikh, John Grinham, Trevor Denison, John Stone, David Young, Chris Blake, Chris Parker (St.AlbansHC), Nigel Steed, Chris Jullings (Chelmsford HC,GK).

Umpires: Barry Anderson and Peter Halliday, (both East UHA).

Match Report and Photograph – David Read.