LX Inter Club Match

at Bristol on 6th April 2011   

Bristol was bathed in beautiful sunshine for this 2 sided LX club match tacked on the end of a deep sea cruise around the Avon harbour.  Arriving slightly seasick and confused by the amount of sports pitches at Clifton, one arrived at the playing arena in low spirits.   After a short period of viewing the opponents in white, Brian "everywhere" Perryman, Mark "Adonis" Watson, Ray "Slasher” Jeffs, Eric "Houdini" Best, George "Flying" Johnson not to mention 46 inch stick Alan Jackson, I thought, "how am I going to get through this lot?!!"

A team talk from our inspirational skipper "Stoker" Stokes along the lines of "We’ve got 14, so lets roll every 10 mins"  Well, I started and soon my 10 mins were up, not having touched the ball once! The beasts in white wouldn’t let us have it.  The first goal soon came about with a scramble in front of Mike Fripp’s canal boat pads. Keith Montgomery impersonating  old David Simms, slotting home from 6 inches. I think every white shirt claimed a touch, anything to get in the report!!! 

All this acting didn't go down too well with us Reds, so on came our joker in the guise of Bob Whitell of Isca. The cat was amongst the pigeons and did they scatter. Bob found himself in a 1 to 1 with "Houdini", and  cleverly drew a short corner. When the corner broke down there was "Stoker" to crash it into the net.  1-1 "Houdini" lost! Tough world!!!! I think “Adonis” got the blame, because he  was picking some daises on the side line. Later in the  session a perfect pass from Red to White into the forecourt of "Everywhere man" in 2nd gear after 8 weeks out found "Slasher" Jeffs  who made no mistake to make it 2-1 Whites. I’m sure I saw some secret hand shakes going on after this, but I could be wrong. 

In every game there is always a talking point and this came about in the last minute.The whistle blew for full time during a short corner followed by a barrage of short corners.Whites under pressure decided to do a 2 footed tackle on the ball befitting a Football match and gave away a P-flick. In every crisis there always the right man for the job. Step up "Big Mo" Williams. Houdini, shaking at the knees, asked Adonis for help but he was still picking flowers. "Big Mo" didn’t waste any time, goalie`s bottom right hand corner. 2-2. Game over. As we did our lap of honor "Houdini" was still berating "Adonis". Eric "Houdini" Best eat your heart out!!! 

Many thanks to the Umpires, to Mike Harris for making it a great day out. A nice shepherd`s pie , ice cream and apple pie for afters can’t be bad.!!

Umpires:- Percy Steele and Chris Smailes 

Red Team:- Mike Fripp, Colin Pinks, Maurice Williams, David Read, Paj Singh, John Tripp, Brian Stokes  (Capt), Mike Harris, Bob Whitell, Sudesh Nayar, Brian Woolcott, Rod Cochrane, Austyn Leaverland, Tony Perryman

White Team:-Eric Best, Alan Jackson, Mark Watson, Gilbert Grace, Bob Jameson, Terry Mills, Brian Perryman, Ray Jeff  (Capt), Adrian Money, Bob Grenside, George Johnson, Michael Sprange, Keith Montgomery, Bill Goodridge

Match report:- Rod Cochrane