England LX - Current Fixtures for 2020

Showing fixtures after  1 Jan 2020 - for fixtures before this date please use the above menu ..

If you are able to play on any of the dates shown, please notify our Team Secretary Mike Patton by one of the following methods :-

(a) preferably by using the  feature, to select your fixtures and automatically generate/post an email to Mike.
(b) by printing / marking and sending by traditional snail mail- - you can press this button  to proceed with this option ...

(c)  or by telephone to 07758 896160

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  6 O70s v West O70s , Salisbury Mike Harris    Cancelled
  8,9,10 Jersey Tour Simon Fry    Cancelled
  14 (Thu) LX Intra Club day (4) , Olton Trevor Denison    Cancelled
  17 Kettering LX O60 captain    Cancelled
  21 (Thu) LX O70s v Pistons, Southgate , 5.30pm Brian Woolcott    Cancelled
  21,22,23 Eburons , Brussels- Over 60s LX Selectors    Cancelled
  21,22,23 Eburons, Royal Racing Club,Brussells - Over 68s LX Selectors    Cancelled
  22,23,24 Home Internationals, Southgate LX O60 Captain    Cancelled
  27 (Wed) LX O70 Intra Club day (3), St Albans Roger Lomas    Cancelled
JUNE ( Click Button to Hide )    
  6,7 Regional Championships, O70, venue West EHB    Cancelled
  6,7 Regional Championships, O60/O65, Wakefield H.C. EHB    Cancelled
  14 Bude Simon Fry    Cancelled
  16 (Tue) Llamas, Guildford,8.00pm Gavin Stone    Cancelled
  20,21 Lakes Tour Mike Patton    Cancelled
  27 (Sat) Arthur Barber Memorial tournament, Woking, 65s/70s tba    Cancelled
  28 Handbags, Lord Wandsworth College,Odiham John Ingram Marriott    Cancelled
JULY ( Click Button to Hide )    
  9 (Thu) Spencer, Earlsfield SW18, 7.00pm Tochi Panesar    Cancelled
  10,11,12 Hotego - Bowdon/Deeside Martin Ferrett    
  16 (Thu) LX O70s v Pistons, Southgate, 5.30pm Brian Woolcott    
  22 (Wed) LX O70 Intra Club day(4), Clifton College, Bristol Roger Lomas    # Google Form-link to be provided
AUGUST ( Click Button to Hide )    
  1,2 Dragons Festival, Swansea, O60 LX Selectors    # Cancelled
  1,2 Dragons Festival, Swansea, O65 LX Selectors    # Cancelled
  1,2 Dragons Festival, Swansea, Club LX Selectors    # Cancelled
  8,9 Dundee tournament 60s LX Selectors    # Cancelled
  8,9 Dundee tournament 65s LX Selectors    # Cancelled
  12,13 (W-Th) North East tour, Durham Steve Crute    Cancelled
  14,15,16 LX Summer gathering/AGM (5) North/LX committee    Cancelled
  20 (Thu) LX O70s V Pistons, Southgate 17.30 Brian Woolcott    
  20 (Thu) LX Club v Pistons, Southgate 7.00pm Roger Girling    
  30 LX Ladies & LX Club (mixed), Wolverhampton Ray Jeff    
SEPTEMBER ( Click Button to Hide )    
  2 (Wed) LX O70 Intra Club day (5), Oxford Roger Lomas    # Google Form-link to be provided
  6 LX O60s v Ancient Britons O60s LX o60 Captain    
  6 LX O65s v Ancient Britons O65s LX 065 Red Captain    
  13 Canterbury John Maylam    
  16 (Wed) LX Intra Club day (6), Old Loughtonians Mick O Malley    TBC
  20 Royal Navy, Portsmouth Geoff Furneaux    
  27 Warlocks, Odiham Richard Slator    
OCTOBER ( Click Button to Hide )    
  4 West Country Select, Exeter Mike Harris    
  4 Isca Masters v LX O60s LX o60 Captain    
  7 (Wed) LX O70 Intra Club day (6) Timperley Roger Lomas    # Google Form-link to be provided
  14 (Wed) LX o65 Red v England o70s at Reading HC LXo65 Red Captain    
  14 (Wed) LX O70s v Wales O70s at Reading HC LX o70 Captain    TBC
  18 Khalsa Robin Conway    
  29 (Thu) LX Intra club day (7), St Albans Nigel |Strofton    
NOVEMBER ( Click Button to Hide )    
  1 Ashford Keith Hedley    
  5-15 GrandMasters World Cup, Tokyo LX Selectors    
  29 Havant Nigel Guppy    
DECEMBER ( Click Button to Hide )    
  6 LX Christmas Gathering, Abingdon/Oxford LX committee    
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