Match Managers

The LX Club are always looking to have a match scheduled in your vicinity, please help the club and offer your name as a Match Manager or organiser. The job involves liaising with the host club to agree the arrangements for the game and to gauge the potential strength of the opposition.

The LX Team Secretary will supply a list of names of those players who have stated, via the LX website, that they would like to be considered for the game.

The Match Manager should then:

1.     Select a team suited to give the opposition a competitive game. If you consider those who are available are not of sufficient strength choose some others to bolster the strength of the team. If necessary seek assistance from others if you so desire (the selection committee are only a phone call away and will be pleased to help). It is always a good idea to try to include a potential new member if this is possible.

2.     Notify players selected as early as possible and send a list of the team selection to the LX Website Manager (by e-mail) for posting on the website and copy to the LX Team Manager. It is recommended that this is done, ideally, a month in advance of the fixture date, certainly not later than 2 weeks in advance. This is so players can make any travel/accommodation arrangements if needed. If food is to be provided after the match then the email should ask players to respond to say if they will require food and for how many (this will likely impact the match fee).

3.     If full details of the fixture are not included in the selection email, then the selection email should be followed up as soon as practical with a further email providing the necessary details, including:

    • club /pitch/ sports centre location address and post code
    • travel directions to the club/pitch
    • meet time & push back time
    • kit colours required for the game(s)
    • likely cost of the match fee
    • hotel information and location if it is to be required

4.     Inform those players who had made themselves available if they were not selected. This should be done at the same time as the selected players are notified.

5.     The Club has now obtained two defibrillators. If you think it would be a good idea to have one available at the fixture it will be necessary to contact the Match Manager of the previous fixture to ensure that one of the defibrillators is passed on as appropriate. As a last resort the Club Captain can be contacted in order to determine where the defibrillators are being held. After your match the defibrillator will need to be returned or passed on so that it is available for the next match.

  1. Organise collection of the match fees. The fee to be collected should cover any pitch hire costs, refreshment costs, and provide a minimum of �25 to be paid to the Club via the LX Club Treasurer (include details of the match concerned). Alternatively, this can be paid direct into the LX Club Bank Account (20-47-34, 90172561, reference the fixture) with a courtesy email to the Club Treasurer to inform him that this has been done.

7.     Organise the submission of a match report, including, if at all possible, a photograph of the LX Team. It is also useful to have somebody on the side line to take photographs, particularly action shots of the game but preferably not shots of players� backsides - it's not their best angle! The report (preferably in Word format) should be sent to the LX Website Manager and copied to the LX Fixture Secretary, the Editor of the LXer (along with the original picture files) and the Editor of the Newsletter.

New Match Managers are always welcome - the current Match Manager does not necessarily want to run that particular game every year. Put your name forward by contacting the LX Fixture Secretary (by e-mail or you can ring him direct), please don't leave it to the same old faithfuls who usually end up doing all the work.