England LX - Fixtures for 2014

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Date Fixture Details - 2014
Match Manager Other
5 LX Club versus Welsh Dragons at Wrekin College Jim Tranter    
10(Frid) SGMs trial v EHB 75s, PB 2.00pm at Cannock HC Andy Holden    
11(Sat) SGMs trial v Midlands 65s, PB 11.00am at Cannock HC Andy Holden    
12 EHB Over 60s Cup Round 2      
2 Welsh Dragons LX Red 60s(12 pm)&Red 65s(1.30pm) in Bristol(Clifton College) Richard Slator(60s) & David Ewing(65s) { Report & Photo-LX Red65s }
9(Sun) Intra-Club game at Felsted School near Braintree, Essex Mike Surridge { Report & Photo }
16 EHB Over 60s Cup Round 3      
19(Wed) SGMs vWest 65s at Oxford Hawks Andy Holden { Report }
26(Wed) Intra-Club game at Trojans HC,Southampton Gordon Small    
9 EHB Over 60s Cup QF      
14-16 Lille Tournament Sudesh Nayar { Report & Photos }
16 Harleston Tony Williams/David G Read { Report & Photos }
18(Tues) Intra Club game at Reading HC 13.00-15.00hrs Keith Hunt    
23 Warlocks at Lord Wandworth College, Long Sutton, Odiham, Hants-LX Club 60s Red team Richard Slator & Mike Patton    
26(Wed) SGMs Lions v Scotland at Durham University PB 2.30pm Andy Holden    
27(Thurs) SGMs Lions V North East Masters at Durham University PB 11.00 am Andy Holden    
27(Thurs) LX Club 65s Red team v Scottish Thistles 65s. Durham University David Ewing { Report & Photo }
28(Frid) LX Club 65s Red team v North Masters. Durham University David Ewing & Mick Christopher    
6 EHB Over 60s SF      
6 Bury St Edmunds 1:00pm Alan Dures { Report & Photo }
9(Wed) Intra Club game at Clifton College, Bristol Colin Pinks and Mike Harris    
12(Sat) Hampstead and Westminster President's Day (Peter Boizot), LX Club team Adrian Stephenson    
13 Norfolk Masters at Norwich v LX Club team Chris Wildee { Report & Photo }
26(Sat) SGM Lions game versus Cumbria Masters at Bowdon PB 3.00pm Andy Holden/ Angus Brogdon    
27 SGM Lions v North Over 65s at Bowdon PB 12.30pm Andy Holden/ Angus Brogdon    
27 Havant Cavaliers Nigel Guppy    Cancelled
3-4 EHB Masters Over 70s Tournament at Cannock Laurie Alcock/EH Regions    
4 EHB Over 50s(Vintage) & Over 60s Cup Final at Beeston      
10-11 Jersey Tournament, LX Club team, Scottish Thistles(2 teams)& Jersey teams Graham Martin/ Tim Pollard    
15(Wed) SGMs Lions v Welsh Dragons at Olton and West Warwickshire Sports Club PB 3.00pm Andy Holden    
17-18 EHB Masters Over 60s and 65s at Cannock Laurie Alcock/EH Regions    
21 LX Club Over 70s v an LX Club side at Oxford Hawks Nigel Strofton    
24-25 England GMs Lions at Bowdon David Gill/Mike Egerton    
3-13 Masters World Cup& tournament in The Hague, Netherlands   { Daily & team reports }
29 Guildford Tournament, LX Club team Geoff Lucas    
4(Frid) LX HoTeGo (Hockey-Tennis-Golf) at Bowdon ( Hockey is on the 5th-6th) Angus Brogdon/Martin Ferret    
5-6 NW Tour- Bowdon and Deeside Ramblers(LX 60s &65s) Martin Ferrett    
6 Oxted Moonshiners, Surrey Robin Mayes/Rainer Vogt { Report & Photo }
12(Sat) Richard Clarke Memorial Games at Oxford Hawks, Intra -Club day 12-4pm Bob Purshouse&Keith Hunt    
23(Wed) Intra-Club Fixture at Old Laughtonians HC, Essex Mick O'Malley { Report }
26-27 Welsh Dragons Festval Swansea.( 2 teams - LX Club & LX Red 65s) Imtiaz Sheikh(LX), David Ewing(65s) { Report x 2 }
3 Ancient Britons at Olton & W Warks( 2 teams-LX Club teams) 11:20am Start Imtiaz Sheikh(LX), Ray Jeff)    
17 |pswich Masters v LX Club Team Roger Girling { Report & Photo }
22-24 Didi Retirement games in Hanover   { Report }
30-31 LX Club AGM, St Albans David Gill, Adrian Stephenson    
13/14 Lakes Tour at Cockermouth ( two teams) Mike Patton    
21 Royal Navy Masters at HMS Temaraire at Portsmouth 12 noon Start Geoff Lucas { Report & Photo }
28 Warlocks at Lord Wandsworth College, Long Sutton, Odiham, Hampshire 1:00pm Start Barry Sewell { Report & Photo }
1 (Wed) LX Club Intra-Club game at Olton and West Warks Sports Club Trevor Denison+other members    
19 Isca games at Exeter-LX Club v W. Country Select David G Read { Report & Photo-LX Club }
19 Isca games at Exeter-LX Red v Isca 50s LX Red Captain { Report & Photo-LX Red }
23 (Thurs) Sheffield Intra Club game Roger Lomas { Report }
2 EHB Hockey trials for 60s to 70s at Lee Valley Hockey EHB    
9 LX Club versus Ashford Antiques/ Canterbury Keith Hedley { Report & Photo }
19(Wed) LX Club Intra Club game at St Albans HC Nigel Strofton    
7 Christmas Gathering for all members-venue TilsleyPark/Oxford LX Club Committee    
14 Havant Cavaliers Nigel Guppy    
16 (Tues) Over 75's get together at Olton Andy Holden    
Date Fixture Details Match Manager Other