England LX Hockey - representative Super-Veterans Hockey Club


Fixtures  for  2008

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Date Opposition// LX - 'A'=over 60's: 'B' = over 65's: 'C'=over 70's Match Manager Match Report Result
13 Handbags John Widgery    
20 Surbiton Seniles Mike Beaney Team Selected  
20 Canterbury Senior Vets - B David Wright    
27 Chichester Vets - A Stephen Stowell Report  
3 Trojans Vets- A                                                    Stephen Stowell    
3 LX Club Blue v Warlocks/Handbags at Lord Wandsworth Coll. Nr Odiham John Marriott    
10 Trojan Senior Vets - B                   EHVCR3 David Wright    
17 Bury St Edmunds Vets       Alan Dures Report  
17 Richmond Vets at Chiswick Park Stephen Stowell    
24 LX Club Over 70s at Cannock Gerald Wilkinson    
24 LX Club Red v LX Club Blue at Tring David Gill& John Marriott    
24 Canterbury Senior Vets - B David Wright    
2 LX Club Red v LX Club Over 65s at Chelmsford                 EHVCR4 David Gill & David Wright    
9 Harleston Vets Tony Williams Report  
9 Colchester Vets  - A Stephen Stowell Report  
15/16 Lille Tournament Ian Russell Report Winners
21-24 European Tournament, Barcelona ( EGM ; EGGM ; ESGM; LX Club ) Selection Committee Reports & Photos Results
23 Easter      
30 Warlocks/Ancient Britons at Woking - to celebrate Arthur Barber's 80th Birthday -EHVCR5 Austyn Leaverland Report  
6 Triangular Fixture - Firebrands/ Isca/ - A at Bristol University S.Stowell/W.Bower/A.Money    
20 Ipswich Vets  - A Stephen Stowell Report  
27 Eastcote Sudesh Nayar Postponed  
26/27 Windermere Lakes Tour Andy Holden Report  
4                                                                       Final EH Vintage Cup      
5 Bank Holiday      
9-11 Jersey Tour Dave Robson&Tim Pollard Report  
15 Pistons at Southgate HC (evening) Brian Woolcott    
17/18 EH Regional Tournament at Cannock (60s and 65s) Regional EH Committees Report  
25 Reading Senior Vets Keith Hunt    Report  
26 Bank Holiday      
1 Oxted Vets John Widgery Report  
4 Golf at Mentmore Golf & Country Club. Tee off 12 noon David Robson    
7 Bowdon  - A Stephen Stowell A-Team Selected  
7 North West Select John Land    
8 Deeside Ramblers  - A Stephen Stowell    
8 Cannock Old Wulfs Colin Pearce    
12 Pistons at Southgate HC (evening) Brian Woolcott    
15 Havant Senior Vets Peter Ross & John Davey Report  
22 Midlands Over 65s versus LX Club Over 65s at Oxford Hawks David Wright/Gerald Wilkinson    
22 LX Red v Welsh Team at Telford HC Jim Tranter Report  
29 Guildford Tournament  - A Stephen Stowell& Ian Russell A-Team Selected  
29 Guildford Tournament  - B David Wright/Gerald Wilkinson    
3/6 Vienna Tour Richard Clarke Report  
4 Golf at Ilkley Golf Club David Margerison  
5/6 Admel at Leeds David Margerison  
  Yorkshire Select at  Ben Rhydding David Margerison    
13 Fixture  - A Stephen Stowell Report  
20 Sussex Vets at Lewes David Read Report  
26 Trojans Senior Vets - B David Wright    
27 Wales at Oxford Hawks - A Stephen Stowell Report  
2-3 LX Club AGM at Peterborough Bill Warrender    
7 Pistons at Southgate HC (evening) Brian Woolcott    
10 Ipswich Vets John Gordon Cancelled  
17 Ancient Britons/LX and LX Over 65s at Oxford Hawks. 12:15 for 13:15 start Colin Pearce & David Wright Report  
17 Canterbury Vets  - A Stephen Stowell Report  
23/24 Canterbury Vets - B David Wright    
25 Bank Holiday      
29 LX Red Team at Oxford Hawks at 4:00 pm Nigel Strofton    
31 The Members at Nonsuch - A Stephen Stowell&Mike Gallant Report  
12/21 World Cup in Hong Kong  ( EGM ; EGGM ; LX Red) Selection Committee Daily Synopsis
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28 Royal Navy Over 55s at Portsmouth ( LX Club) @ 10:30. V.smart attire for meal Alan Jackson Report  
5 Ipswich Vets John Gordon Cancelled  
5 North Wiltshire Vets at Swindon Chris Jones    
12 Midlands Select teams versus LX Club Over 60s and 70s Mike Greenhough&G.Wilkinson LX70's Report
19 Sheffield Senior Vets at Abbeydale Roger Lomas    
26 Isca Over 50s at Exeter University  - A Stephen Stowell    
26 West Country Select At Exeter University  David Read Team Selected  
2 EHVCR1      
9 Ashford Antiques ( Kent) Keith Hedley    
9 Canterbury & Ashford v LX Hyenas & Warthogs Keith Hedley&Tony Jones Teams & Details  
16 Chelmsford Evergreens - David Simms Memorial Game David Young & Bryan Heelis    
23 Puritans at Nonsuch School, Cheam David Read Team Selected  
30 EHVCR2      
7 LX Club Christmas Gathering in Abingdon David and Judy Robson    
14 Havant Senior Vets Peter Ross & John Davey Team Selected