Availability & Team Selection

The 'Fixture Card' option in the Fixtures menu contains the confirmed LX Club fixtures for the next few months.

If you are able to play on any of the dates shown, please notify our Team Secretary Mike Patton - preferably by using the new auto   feature, which allows you to select your fixtures and automatically generate an email to Jon.
Alternatively you can ring him direct.

For each game the Team Secretary records the names of those members who have notified him of their availability.
This information is then forwarded to the appointed Match Manager.  At times, there maybe as many as 40-50 volunteers
for any particular game. From the information supplied by the Team Secretary, the Match Manager will select an appropriate squad for that fixture, and notify players accordingly. If there is sufficient time, he may ask the website manager to post the team selected on the website.
If you do not receive any communication from the Match Manager, please assume that on this occasion you have not been selected. Please check the website regularly for the latest details.If you do not have access to the website and you wish to check whether you are required you should contact the Match Manager for that game.

This system will save Match Managers having to make 20 or 30 extra phone calls